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Multi-Chapter In Progress [Sep. 23rd, 2012|12:21 pm]
The Marauders' Fan Community


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Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating: M for later chapters
Pairing: Sirius/Remus, James/Lily, Severus/Lily, Peter/OC
Warning(s): Slash; Slight adult themes in later chapters
Summary: Under a ceiling enchanted to look like the night sky, one wayward son, a dreamer, a tightrope walker, a beast in a bird cage, one half of a whole and the heir to an estate come together. Perceptions are challenged & flaws accepted. Spirits run high & hope falls low. Secrets are exposed & hearts broken but not everyone changes for the better. How many survive the 1970's?
Notes: Full multi-chapter Marauders story beginning with separate prologues for each in the hope of giving insight in to why the characters fit so well together as a unit.

PLEASE REVIEW. Some feedback/constructive criticism would give me some much needed confidence in my writing/life.
Disclaimer: I do not, nor will I ever (despite daydreams of that nature), own The Marauders or any other Harry Potter character. They were created by a goddess named J.K. Rowling. Any characters you do not recognize from the books are original creations.